AirSurvey is an easy to use tool to make WiFi coverage site surveys.

Optimal coverage in a WiFi network needs a research of the radio strength available in the zones to be provided with the wireless service. This information is obtained performing a wireless site survey, revealing dead zones and helping you to find the best locations for access points.


Building views

AirSurvey provides a convenient organization of areas, buildings and floors.

Selecting a building, the actual coverage heatmaps of all its floors is displayed.


Detailed heatmap information

Heatmaps provide at each point information of all available WLAN networks (BSSID’s, band, channel, physical mode, security mode and RSSI).

Displayed WLAN’s can be filtered by SSID, BSSID and frecuency band.


WLAN information

WLAN scanning provides at any moment the information of all wireless networks available (SSID/BSSID, Access Point vendor, band, channel, physical mode, security mode and RSSI).


Survey reports

AirSurvey generates survey report documents that can be printed or saved in PDF format.

Reports can be configured with multiple options, including a logo, the SSID, the BSSID's and custom informative text.

Download AirSurvey evaluation


Click the icon to download the AirSurvey 30 days evaluation to your downloads folder, move it to your desired location and double click on the app icon to start the AirSurvey evaluation.

Download AirSurvey user manual

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